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To present to Committee the outcome of the Ceredigion Respite & Day Services Initiative through transforming day services (older people, learning disability, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and Autism) and Respite provision (Through Age)


Councillor Alun Williams (Cabinet Member for Through Age and Wellbeing) explained that the purpose of the report was to scrutinise the outcome of the public engagement and the Action Plan developed and make recommendations if required to the Cabinet. On 06.12.2022, Cabinet approved that the local authority progress with a wider engagement and consultation in 2023 focusing on the re-design of Respite and Day Opportunities. The engagement and consultation embedded the key principles of the Through Age Wellbeing (TAW) Strategy alongside National and Regional Strategies relating to Learning Disabilities, Children Looked After and Respite opportunities on a Through Age basis.


The review focused on the following key areas:-

       Day Service opportunities for Older Adults including those living with a diagnosis of dementia

       Day Service opportunities for Individuals living with a learning disability, autism, and profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD)

       Transition pathways on a through-age basis for those living with a learning disability/ autism

       Respite provision (day and residential) on a through-age basis


An extensive public engagement and consultation took place between March – August 2023, undertaken by an independent Company (Practice Solutions Limited) which was funded through Regional Integrated Funding (RIF). A wide range of stakeholders were engaged in the work, including people who accessed respite and day opportunities, families and carers, service delivery organisations, council employees working in social care and day opportunity centres, health employees and people with learning disabilities, dementia, children and young people and those with complex needs. A survey was distributed widely to those using services, their families and other unpaid carers council staff and staff in the council's partner organisations.


A consultation survey was initiated through the council website and was open to the general public throughout the engagement period with 205 responses. Alongside that, Practice Solutions engaged with 206 people in person, both face-to-face and online. In total, 411 people total took part in the review. Having completed the engagement and desktop exercises the data were analysed and key findings were identified. From these key findings, several recommendations have been developed, for the council to consider. An overview of the key findings, recommendations and next steps as noted in the report was provided.


Members were provided with the opportunity to ask questions which were answered by Officers present and Councillor Alun Williams. The main points raised were as follows:

·       It was noted that it would not be possible to continue to deliver services as they had over the last 20 years given the rise in demand and complexity. There was a whole system review of how services were delivered, and all opportunities and assets were being looked at to maximise the benefit for local communities and a robust plan would be put in place. Many other local authorities had completed or were on a similar journey, and therefore they would be able to learn from others.

·       Staff working in the Centres were considered vital and would be pivotal in moving the programme of work forward. Staff would continue in similar roles whilst others would receive further training that would enable them to provide a wider range of services.

·       It was acknowledged that change could be difficult for service users, carers and staff and therefore, ongoing engagement and consultation was key.

·       Members appreciated the level of detail in the report and the service’s importance to local communities. A Members’ Workshop at one of the service centres was suggested where they would possibly be able to meet service users/ staff. Members felt this would enable them to have a greater understanding of respite and day services.

·       It was acknowledged that public engagement in consultations was difficult, however, from the 411 of responses, there were high-quality and thorough responses.

·       Members felt it was a shame that Awel Deg in Llandysul was not currently utilised.


Following questions by Committee Members, it was agreed to note the report and recommend that Cabinet:

1.     Arrange that Members of the Healthier Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee attend a workshop early in 2024 to include the following:

·       Presentation to Members to include Centre locations and services currently offered, and

·       Workshop to be held at one of the Authority’s Centers.


2.     Committee Members recommend that Cabinet agree to progress with the re-design of respite and day opportunities in line with the Through Age Wellbeing Strategy and National drivers for change.


Councillor Alun Williams and the Chair extended their thanks to the Officers involved with the work.

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