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Review of Hybrid Working arrangements


The Leader, Councillor Bryan Davies presented the report and outlined the following in relation to the Hybrid Working arrangements :-



         Way We Work Project

         Hybird Working Strategy

         Interim Hybrid Working Policy

         Policy Headlines


         Line Managers



It was reported that the result for employees was similar to that of line managers with over 95% of employees agreeing that their hybrid working experience had been positive. Employees had made their preference clear. The financial benefit of hybrid working did not have as many employees choosing strongly agree but almost 80% of employees believe that it had benefitted them. When asked if they would consider alternative employment if their ability to work in a hybrid way was removed,39% selected Yes; 24% selected No and the remaining 37% were Unsure.


The survey results were clear that from a line manager and employee perspective hybrid working was seen as a key benefit and retention tool. It was therefore recommended that hybrid working was accepted as a long term flexible working option and that the Interim Hybrid Working Policy should be revised to reflect this.


It was reported if the proposal to permanently adopt hybrid working option for employees was approved this would allow the release of office space which had not been fully utilised during the period of the interim hybrid working trial. The previous 12 months had shown that the current hybrid working desk capacity in Canolfan Rheidol and Penmorfa was capable of accommodating demand in its current form, accepting however that more permanent

arrangements would be put in place in both locations. Over the twelve month period of the trial desk usage peaked in early December and it March 2023 for rooms booked. It was observed that the average usage over the winter months was higher than during the warmer summer months but remained within maximum capacity limits.


It was proposed that officers undertake a review of all Council office accommodation across its estate to identify potential for repurposing. The public engagement on future uses in Council offices resulted in several suggestions of possible usage including using building as facilities for the community, hospital or health care setting, spaces for businesses and residential accommodation.


Members raised concern regarding the perception of the public in relation to working for home and that work was not being carried out, however, this was not the case with Officers being far more productive, for example working during the time that they would usually be working to and from work and between meetings in various locations from their main office. It was agreed that this could be addressed by the Communication Service.


It was AGREED:-

(i) to recommend to Cabinet to adopt hybrid working as a permanent option for employees able to work as efficiently remotely as in the office;

(ii) to develop a Hybrid Working Policy to replace the current Interim Hybrid Working Policy and bring back to Scrutiny following consultation; and

(iii) that the Hybrid work policy should include the requirement of mangers to ensure that there was a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly physical team meeting

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