Agenda item

Draft Menopause Policy


Consideration was given to the Draft Menopause Policy presented by the Leader, Councillor Bryan Davies. It was reported that a Ceredigion County Council was committed to providing an inclusive and supportive working environment, where everyone was treated fairly with dignity and respect in their working environment. It was also committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of the whole workforce.


Menopause was a natural part of ageing, commonly known as ‘the change’, and it refers to the point in time when periods had ceased for 12 months. It is not always an easy transition but with the right support it could be much better. Whilst not everyone going through the menopause suffer with symptoms, supporting those who do would improve their experience at work. It was estimated that in the UK around 1 in 3 people were either currently going through or had reached the menopause. Ceredigion County Council data in October 2022 records the corporate workforce (excluding schools) as 66.1% (1,355) female, 34.1% (698) of whom were between 45 and 64 and could be at an age where they were likely to be experiencing the perimenopause or had reached menopause. It was therefore important that consideration be given to the needs of this group and proactively manage an age diverse workforce.


The draft Menopause Policy had been developed to help those experiencing troublesome  menopausal symptoms, and to support them, their colleagues and managers in tackling the occupational aspects of menopausal symptoms.


The policy aims to:

         Foster an environment in which employees can openly and comfortably instigate conversations or engage in discussions about menopause and feel confident to ask for support.

         Ensure everyone understands what menopause is, can confidently have good conversations, and were clear on the Council’s policy and practices, supported by Human Resources (HR) and the Employee Health & Wellbeing Officer

         Educate and inform managers about the potential symptoms of menopause, and how they can support employees at work.

         Reduce absenteeism due to menopausal symptoms.

         Assure employees that County Council were responsible employer, committed to supporting their needs during menopause.


The policy sets out the roles and responsibilities of those involved in supporting affected employees within the workplace. It gives and overview of menopausal symptoms, their effect and offers guidance to employees and line managers of the support and information available to help them deal with the issues arising from the menopause.


The policy would be supported with further information and guidance on both the employee areas of CeriNet and practical help for managers on the CeriNet managers’ toolkit. The People & Organisation Service would also be providing further support for those experiencing

menopausal symptoms by:

         Providing a menopause café where employees could meet and gain mutual support and information. These sessions would be supported by the Employee Health & Wellbeing Officer.

         Provide menopause awareness training for Managers


Councillor Bryan Davies thanked Mr Alison Boshier, Secretary, Womens Officer for Unsion Ceredigion for all her work in driving this policy for the Council together with the assistance of the Officers in the HR service.


  Following questions from the floor, it was AGREED

(i) to recommend to Cabinet the approval of the Menopause Policy;

(ii) that consideration be given for a Menopause Champion for the Authority;

(iii) that the Council promote the World Menopause Day in October ; and

(vi) that a workshop be held for all Members and Managers to raise awareness of the Menopause

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