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Draft Corporate Strategy 2022-27


     3   Draft Corporate Strategy 2022-27

          The Leader of the Council, Councillor Bryan Davies attended to introduce the

          Draft Corporate Strategy covering the next five years. The Leader took the

          Opportunity to thank the previous administration (Cabinet Members and

          Councillors) for the former Corporate Strategy. He stated that following the local

          elections in May 2022, a new Corporate Strategy was required to set out the

          Council’s new Corporate Well-being Objectives (corporate priorities) and

          ambitions for the next five years and how the Strategy illustrates how the Council

           will seek to enhance the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being

           for the citizens and communities of Ceredigion and maximise its contribution

           to the seven National Well-being Goals in accordance with the Well-being of

           Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. The Leader also stated that the Authority

           has a challenging time ahead.  The Chief Executive, Eifion Evans was also

           present and agreed with the Leader’s comments.  He also thanked the 

           Officers involved, Alun Williams, Diana Davies, Rob Starr for their hard work in

           producing the Strategy.


           Rob Starr, Performance and Research Manager, continued with presenting the

           report contents.  He explained the core purpose of the Corporate Strategy is to

           illustrate how the authority will support and promote sustainability and the

           wellbeing of the citizens of Ceredigion, through its long-term Vision and its

           Corporate Well-being Objectives. The proposed Corporate Well-being Objectives



·       Boosting the Economy, Supporting Businesses and Enabling Employment

·       Creating Caring and Healthy Communities

·       Providing the Best Start in Life and Enabling Learning at All Ages

·       Creating Sustainable, Green and Well-connected Communities


Rob Starr explained that the objectives have been identified through extensive analysis of evidence and engagement with residents, including the ambitions of the new political administration, the Ceredigion Assessment of Local Well-being and the recent public consultation on the draft strategy which took place between 24 August and 30 September 2022 of which a total of 51 responses were received – some received after the closing date hence the figure had not yet been included in the document although they had been taken into account.


          Rob Starr also explained that the objectives had also been identified through the

          lens of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. This involved

          identifying how the authority could maximise our contribution to the national

          well-being goals and ensure that the sustainable development principle to

          ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of

          future generations to meet their own needs.


          The draft Corporate Strategy includes an action plan detailing the steps

          necessary to deliver each of the Corporate Well-being Objectives. Progress is

          reviewed each year which will be published in the Council’s Self-Assessment



          Rob Starr then explained the process and the steps involved with producing the

          strategy. He also referred to page 6 of the strategy, Improving outcomes and how

          they align with the self-assessment whilst meeting the Local Government and

          Elections (Wales) Act 2021. He advised Committee Members that the 3 most

          prevalent themes from feedback received were the Welsh Language, Active

          Travel and Childcare.  Public comments are now reflected in the Strategy.


          Members were then given the opportunity to ask questions, which were answered

          in turn by Officers.


          In response to a question, it was confirmed that the most recent Census results

          available regarding the number of Welsh speakers is 2011 and the 2021 results

          will be available during December 2022/January 2023.


          A concern raised by a Committee Member was whether the Authority

          can afford the ambitious target outlined in the report.  It was confirmed that they

          are deliverable at this present time.


          Concern was raised with regards to Phosphates in that it could restrict the


          EMPLOYMENT objective from progressing.  It was confirmed that there is a

          specific group who monitors the phosphates situation carefully and whom are in

          continuous discussions with Natural Resources Wales. The Chief Executive also

          confirmed that Phosphates is currently identified as a risk and is on the Authority’s

          risk register so can confirm it has every due regard.


          A Councillor stated that in the strategy it states that there is a vacant seat in

          Lampeter, this now needs to be amended.


A Member referred to page 36, bullet point 6, Enable more young people to build their lifetime home, in that in his opinion the LDP restrict development for young people in rural locations.



          During discussions, the following queries arose to which Rob Starr will investigate

          and return the replies to the Committee:


1.    A Member referred to the Consultation feedback report, page 11, Equalities Monitoring Questions in that the total responses is 35 (as of 23 September) but the figures do not total 35.  Why is this? 

2.    A Member commented that the number of consultation responses were small.  How many of those responded in the Welsh language?

3.    A Member referred to page 13 of the Strategy in that in one point the word states, deliver coastal defences and the word complete in another point.  Should both state the same, either both are deliver or complete?

4.    A Member referred to page 36, bullet point 5, Discourage the ownership of second homes in the county, enquiring as to where this information had been obtained from?  It was confirmed that this information had been collected from a Group manifesto.  Further information was requested on this point.

5.    A Member referred to page 38, reference to flooding and requested that the following are also named in the strategy – Llanybydder, Llandysul and Llechryd.

6.    There is reference to Community Connectors in the Strategy, could an Officer elaborate on what their role is? Suggest inserting an explanation into the Strategy.

7.    It has been highlighted that there are some typing and mutation errors in the Welsh language version of the Strategy.  These need to be amended.


Following consideration, Members agreed that the points numbered 1-7 above would be investigated and amended as appropriate by Officers.  The Committee will reconvene to further consider their responses and the recommendation prior to presenting to Cabinet and Full Council.




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