Agenda and draft minutes

Charity Trustee Committee - Thursday, 29th June, 2023 11.30 am

Venue: Hybrid - Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron / remotely via video conference

Contact: Nia Jones 

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Councillors Marc Davies and Ceris Jones apologised for their inability to attend the meeting.


Disclosures of personal and prejudicial interests


Councillors Rhodri Evans, Wyn Evans and Chris James noted a personal interest in relation to item 4 on the agenda.


To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting of the Charity Trustee Committee held on 22 March 2023 and to consider any matters arising from those minutes pdf icon PDF 85 KB


It was RESOLVED to confirm as a true record the minutes of the meeting held on 22 March 2023.


Matters arising

Members noted that they had requested greater clarity in relation to the interest paid on the accounts, and for a breakdown of the accounts for each of the Charities held in trust, including the asset value.  It was noted that Finance would be requested to produce reports for the next meeting.


To receive a report on the Former Tregaron County School - sub-group pdf icon PDF 99 KB

Additional documents:


Louise Harries presented the report noting that a public consultation was held this year for a period of 8 weeks to seek suggestions from the public on how the trust money should be spent to advance the education of pre-school and school-age children in Tregaron.  It was noted that an ‘Easy Read’ version was provided for children and those who wanted a snapshot of the information, and that the consultation was promoted via a press-release and social media posts in addition to contacting specific consultees in the Tregaron area.  A sub-group which included Members of this Committee met on 23rd May 2023 to consider the responses and consider recommendations to the presented to the Charity Trustee Committee. 


It was noted that 25 responses were received, most of which related to sporting facilities. This view was supported by the Sub-Group with a recommendation that delegation is given to officers to discuss with officers in Leisure and Education Services (now Porth Cymorth Cynnar and Schools and Culture Services), together with representatives from the Sub-group. 


It was also clarified that the funds held in trust could be used for either capital or revenue funding, as the Trust does not fall under the same requirements as that of the Council. 


Members noted the importance of conducting a feasibility study in order to maximise the opportunities available, emphasising that this is an exciting and extremely important development for the Tregaron area.


Following discussion, Members noted the responses to the public consultation and recommendations from the Sub-group, and unanimously RESOLVED:

a)    That officers, on the Trustees behalf identify appropriate officers from Porth Cymorth Cynnar and Schools and Culture services to discuss sporting facilities grant funding options; and

b)    That the Sub-group, consisting of the officers identified in the above recommendation and current sub-group members, meet to further discuss those funding options and provide recommendations back to Committee.


To receive a report on the New Quay Library and Reading Room pdf icon PDF 98 KB

Additional documents:


Louise Harries presented the report to the Committee noting that a public consultation was held from February of this year for a period of 10 weeks to consider a proposal to change the purpose of the asset held in trust to be ‘the advancement of education of the inhabitants of New Quay’, asking that if they did not agree, what use they would suggest the trust assets be put towards.


The consultation was promoted via a press release and social media, and specific local consultees were also notified of the consultation.  New Quay Community Library were thanked for putting up posters relating to the consultation in the Library and New Quay Memorial Hall and for allowing paper versions to be held at the library should users wish to fill out hardcopies.


It was noted that there were 32 formal responses to the consultation as well as 9 comments under the council’s Facebook posts. Two-thirds of the respondents agreed with the proposal to amend the purpose of the trust, and as such the trust can consider resolving to apply to the Charity Commission to change the purpose of the trust, however it was noted that unlike Tregaron, there wasn’t a clear theme appearing from the consultation and that a number of the responses did not fall under the remit of proposed purpose.


It was also noted that a condition survey had been conducted by Ceredigion Property Services and Grounds Maintenance, which found that the property was not suitable for use and would require significant investment. The Trust currently holds just over £1,000 in cash and may be subject to additional outgoings in relation to the disconnection of electricity, details of which will be provided at the next meeting.


As the Trust is therefore not in a position to carry out the necessary work, it was recommended that the Trust seek the views of the Community of New Quay if there are any groups, organisations or individual interested in taking on the lease of the building, and applying for grant funding, as happened with the New Quay Memorial Hall.  Members noted that if there was no local interest, the Committee may need to consider alternative options for its future use.


Following discussion, Members noted the responses to the public consultation, and is was RESOLVED: to ask the inhabitants of New Quay through a press release and direct contact with specific consultees (similar to those referenced in paragraph 2.2 of the accompanying report to the resolution) whether any group or organisation are interested in taking on the trust site for educational purposes and seeking grant funding for that purpose.  A deadline for responses to be given of one month from press release/contact. A report shall be brough back to the next available Committee.




To receive a report on the New Quay Memorial Hall update 2022-2023 pdf icon PDF 94 KB


Louise Harries presented the Annual report of the New Quay Memorial Hall update 2022-23 to the Committee. It was noted that there has been a lot going on and that they are doing really well.  Since presenting the report, the New Quay Memorial Hall Committee has provided a further verbal update, noting that the have received £144,000 in National Lottery funding which will facilitate a full-time development post for 3 years overseeing activities and developing a programme of events.


Members congratulated the Committee on their success, noting that it is really positive and heart-warming to hear about the successes, and demonstrating what a committed group of volunteers can achieve for everyone in their community. 


Any other business


Councillor Gwyn Wigley Evans asked that the Chair write a letter to the Head of Democratic Services regarding the loss of signal during hybrid meetings.