Agenda and minutes

Overview and Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee - Wednesday, 16th June, 2021 10.00 am

Venue: held remotely via video-conference

Contact: Lisa Evans 

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 Councillor Marc Davies apologised for being unable to attend the meeting  

 and Councillor Mark Strong apologised for being unable to attend due to

 experiencing connectivity issues.



Disclosures of personal interest (including whipping declarations) Members are reminded of their personal responsibility to declare any personal and prejudicial interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000, the Council’s Constitution and the Members Code of Conduct. In addition, Members must declare any prohibited party whip which the Member has been given in relation to the meeting as per the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011


There were no disclosures of personal or prejudicial interests.


Minutes of the Ceredigion Public Services Board (PSB) meetings held on the 22nd February 2021 & 26th April 2021 along with a focus on the Understanding Our Communities Project Group pdf icon PDF 663 KB



The Chair introduced Diana Davies, Lynne Walters, and Hazel Lloyd Lubran to the meeting to present the report, to provide an opportunity for Committee Members to scrutinise the decisions made or actions taken by Ceredigion PSB.


Lynne Walters presented the information referring in particular to work undertaken during the last quarter of 2020 reviewing the membership and priorities of each Project Group.  She reported that five of the Project Groups have agreed new priorities and action plans that focus on implementation with a COVID lens.


Hazel Lloyd Lubran, Chair, Understanding our Communities Project Group, provided an update on the group progress as requested by this Committee at its January meeting. Hazel briefly explained the ongoing work undertaken during the COVID pandemic. She emphasised the excellent communication that has and continues to take place with the network of local support groups established. She also stated that the continued communication between public and private sector organisations proved invaluable during the crisis. 


Members then had the opportunity to ask questions which were answered in turn by Officers present.  Many Members praised the work undertaken in their Towns and Communities during the crisis and noted the excellent team spirit shown.


The Chairman thanked Officers for their presentations and advised Committee Members that a representative from each of the groups will have an opportunity to attend and present at future meetings.


Following discussion, Committee Members were asked to consider the following recommendation:



i.              To receive the minutes of the Ceredigion PSB meeting held on the 22nd February 2021 and the draft minutes of the Ceredigion PSB meeting held on the 26th April 2021;

ii.            To receive the most recent report for the PSB Project Groups are presented to the PSB;

iii.           To receive a focus report on the work of the Understanding Our Communities Project Group; and;

iv.           To receive an outline of the Ceredigion Local Well-being Plan Annual Report 2020-21.


Committee Members agreed to receive the recommendations as outlined above in order for the Overview and Scrutiny Coordinating Committee to carry out their role of taking an overview of the overall effectiveness of the PSB.



CYSUR/CWMPAS Combined Local Operational Group Safeguarding Report Qtr 3 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 1 MB


The Chair welcomed Siân Howys to the meeting to present an Executive Summary of the CYSUR/CWMPAS report. 


Following questions, Committee Members agreed that a message be relayed to Social Services staff to commend them on their hard work and commitment during the COVID crisis. Ms Howys agreed to take this message back to her Colleagues.  


Committee Members AGREED to note the contents of the report and the levels of activity within the Local Authority so that the governance of the Local Authority activity and its partner agencies is monitored.



Report on Covid-19 Gold Command Decision log pdf icon PDF 207 KB


Elin Prysor and Hannah Rees were welcomed to present the report on Covid-19 Gold Command Decision Log.  Hannah Rees presented the report providing the information on the decisions of the Covid-19 Leadership Group (Gold Command) for the meetings held between 1st December 2020 and the 29th April 2021.


       Following discussion, Committee Members were asked to note the contents of the report and the contents of the Gold Command Covid-19 Leadership Group Meetings as shown in the Decision Log included with the agenda papers.


       Members AGREED to receive and note the report for information so to monitor the governance of the Council’s adapting decision-making arrangements.



To confirm minutes of the Coordinating meeting held on 11 February 2021 and 18 March 2021 and to consider any matters arising from those minutes pdf icon PDF 297 KB

Additional documents:


Councillor Ivor Williams proposed to confirm the minutes of the Coordinating Committee meeting held on the 11 February 2021 and 18 March 2021 as a true record and Councillor Lyndon Lloyd MBE seconded his proposal.  There were no matters arising from those minutes.


To receive a update from the Chairmen of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and to consider the draft Forward Work Programmes pdf icon PDF 97 KB


       Each Committee Chair or Vice-chair in the Chair’s absence or the Scrutiny Officer if both absent provided information in turn regarding their respective Overview and Scrutiny Committees.  


       Following discussion, it was agreed that the following would be included on the following Committee’s Forward Work Plans as items for future consideration:


·         Corporate Resources – CLic Services

·         Healthier Communities – Effect of drug use throughout the County (to include learning establishments (Learning Communities Committee Members to be invited to attend when considering this item).



Any other matter that the Chairman decides is for the urgent attention of the Committee


There were no other matters raised.


       Councillor Rowland Rees-Evans, Chair, thanked Committee Members for

       attending the meeting and to Officers for presenting the information in a

       and concise manner.  He thanked the Democratic Services team and 

       Translators for ensuring the smooth running of the meeting.