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To monitor the emerging issues which arise from the Local Government Bill consultation

Meeting: 15/10/2021 - Democratic Services Committee (Item 4)

4 To consider a Report on aspects of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act relevant to the Democratic Services Committee pdf icon PDF 377 KB


The Corporate Manager for Democratic Services presented a report to the committee, providing an update on the main aspects of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 relevant to the committee.  It was noted that a strategy for encouraging public participation was due to be presented to Cabinet, and that Ceredigion are leading on an e-petition scheme for the whole of Wales.  Members were reminded that as of May 2022, there will be a duty to publish electronic and postal addresses for every Member, and an update was provided in relation to the electronic broadcast of meetings and the installation of new equipment at the Council Chamber to facilitate this. It was noted that although the Act has been published, we are still waiting for the Welsh Government to publish the guidance to support it, and as such it is impossible to finalise any of these strategies.  It was recommended that a further meeting of this committee is held when further guidance has been received.


Members asked whether the number of attendees has increased as a result of holding remote meetings, and it was confirmed that the numbers have increased significantly.  Members also asked whether members of the public could submit paper copies of petitions in addition to electronic petitions, and it was confirmed that the system hosting the e-petition scheme has a section for combining the total number of paper signed petitions to the total electronic signatures.  Members also asked that training is provided for Member on the hybrid meeting management system prior to going live.


Following discussion it was RESOLVED to note the aspects of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act specific to the Democratic Services Committee, and to schedule a further meeting once guidance from the Welsh Government has been made available.